Improving your expertise and skill, or that of your individual employees, develops the potential success of an entire business, which is why training courses have become a valuable, sought after tool for professionals. At London Corporate Training, we offer such services to nine sectors, matching clients with leading online training courses and high-qualified experts.

Banking and Finance

From Treasury Management to Financial Analysis, an online training course can help professionals better understand even the most demanding of financial concepts, enabling them to manage their operations and investments with improved decision making, clarity, and confidence.

Human Resources

Employee wellbeing and management is integral to any successful business operation, which is why human resource departments remain essential. By improving key areas, such as recruitment and performance management, a company can improve productivity and workplace culture while simultaneously reducing potential turnover and staff costs.

Information Technology

As computer technology becomes increasingly integrated within business operations, there becomes greater potential for agility and efficiency. The extent of these benefits, however, is reflected in the quality of a company’s digital management and competence. We can help to ensure that you are achieving the most from your business technology, as well as maintaining security, with an information technology virtual training course for you and your team.


We offer a number of training courses supporting businesses and legal professionals in various areas of law, such as Alternative Dispute Resolution and Legislative Drafting. Our courses develop legal knowledge, improve strategy planning, and strengthen negotiation skills, offering clarity at various levels.

Management and Leadership

Our management and leadership courses can transform an organisation through the empowerment of its individual leaders, enabling them to motivate employees and achieve goals with insight, inspiration, and determination. By improving management skills, our courses also aid the progression of employees within their career, aiding them in their professional and leadership capability.

Oil and Gas

Expertise within the oil and gas sector leads to great potential and we offer an online training course to support the knowledge of each essential area, from finance to safety, instilling and improving upon specific processes, such as environmental risk assessment and field development.

Operations Management

The success of an organisation depends on its operations management. Improving this skill enables business and department leaders to more efficiently run projects, improve the planning and management of workloads, and develop staff, benefitting companies of any size.

Public Relations and Media

As the world finds itself more connected, it becomes paramount that a business is able to have confidence in its connection to clients. Public Relations and Media are now invaluable courses that benefit companies internally, with strategy development and policy, and externally, through interviews and brand identity.

Sales and Marketing

Split into Core and Advanced level online training courses, we offer sales and marketing training courses online that improve communication, explore psychology, and empower teams at any level. Our trainers place emphasis on mastering both short term obstacles, such as overcoming sceptical customers, as well as the importance of developing long term, strong relationships with clients.

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