Happy New Year! Welcome to 2021!

As we enter this new year, we can look forward with more confidence to vaccines bringing the global pandemic under control. However, whilst there may be light at the end of the tunnel, the road through it remains treacherous and we recognise that this does not mean an immediate return to a pre-pandemic world; the effects of COVID19 will shape the global economy for years to come.

So what?

This has implications for the way in which our clients do business and the way in which we adapt our offering and services.
A guiding principle at LCT is “be a good listener”. Our clients tell us that our success is built on providing a first-class synchronous learning experience for their staff through expert-led face to face and customised programmes at our centre in London and on location at our clients’ offices.
As a result, our focus has been on how to use technology to maintain these strengths, to personalise learning and deepen interaction and collaboration: we believe in the power of technology to  enhance and supplement.

All you need is LOVE…!

We are pleased to offer all of our courses in a LOVE (Live Online Virtual Education) format:

  • LCT’s face to face programmes redesigned for remote delivery
  • Synchronous online experience delivered by experts
  • Professionally organized for delegates to develop knowledge and skills in an efficient and interactive way.
  • Full immersion from anywhere in the world in the comfort of your home
  • Leveraging the power of technology to allow delegates to connect and engage live with experts and peers just like in face to face learning

From LCT with LOVE…2 delegates for the price of 1!

For all LOVE course bookings made before 31 January 2021, we have a 2 delegates for the price of 1 offer. Key features of the offer:

  • Offer available on all LCT courses – please visit www.lct.co.uk/courses for a complete listing
  • Clients must book between 2-8 delegates onto each course
  • LOVE courses are typically delivered over 4-5 days, to suit client requirements
  • LOVE courses are delivered using live video technology
  • LOVE courses can be delivered flexibly to suit client schedules

For more information, or to enquire about a LOVE course, you can:

Email us at info@lct.co.uk
Call us at + 44 207 193 7890

Visit us at www.lct.co.uk/contact-us and complete the form

We look forward to working with you in 2021!
Warmest regards,

Nick Bray                             Praveen Mathews                   Stewart Eru

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